TrustED™ Cohort

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I am available each year to work alongside a limited number of schools as an adjunct of their school’s Leadership Team. These schools represent the TrustED™ Cohort.

Schools within the cohort receive the following benefits and services:

ROI (Return on Investment): Personally assisting the school in the development of a long term culture of trust, marked by stronger relationships within the leadership, the faculty and staff, as well as with all stakeholders of the school community; and to realize visible and measurable fulfillment of the school’s unique mission.

Overview: The services provided are based on the “Triple A” model of Assess, Architect & Act, in order to address the unique challenges of the school and to provide meaningful and practical steps toward solving complex trust-related and school improvement issues.

  • Assess: This involves, but is not limited to, an initial assessment of leaders, of leadership teams, and of the broader school organization, in order to establish a baseline of data in order to identify areas for improvement and to craft specific and measurable goals.
  • Architect: Customize training and professional development sessions are designed and provided (or recommended if outside of the expertise or skill-set of myself) to support the opportunities for improvement identified through the various assessments.
  • Act: School operational protocols, practices, and policies are refined and initiated, along with clear tools for ongoing monitoring and assessment to ensure that the identified improvement goals are met.

Activity #1 – Background Research and Orientation: A review of all available pertinent information relative to the past, current, and desirable future for the school.  

Activity #2: TrustED School Leadership 360 Assessment: The school utilizes the TSL360 to establish initial base-line data to indicate the strengths, as well as areas for development in relationship to the school’s Leadership Team.

Activity #3—Parent/Employee Attitude & Opinion Survey (Optional): It is recommended that the school administer this survey tool in order to establish baseline data of school health, based on the feedback from parents and employees, and then continue to administer the survey on an annual basis toward the conclusion of each successive school year.

Activity #4—Consultative / Training Site Visit:   The following is a suggested agenda for the first two-day site visit:

  • Review TSL360 assessment results and begin development of a professional development action plans for the leadership, as well as identifying priorities for school improvement initiatives.
  • Focus group interviews with “moral owners” of the school (i.e. those who are fully-committed to the school’s mission, purposes, and values). If appropriate in this setting, one group would consist of current and/or former school parents; another would consist of employees; and a third group would consist of older students and/or recent graduates.
  • Onsite professional development with teachers — identifying needs and strengths among the faculty as to competency levels around curriculum, instruction and assessment practices.

MCB_1373Activity #5—Recommendations and Direction-Setting: Within four weeks of the initial onsite visit, a report with a summary of findings is provided outlining context and direction for the remainder of the cohort period.

Activity #6—Ongoing Distance Consulting & Coaching: Consultation and support through the entire term of the cohort period via Email/Phone/Skype consulting sessions, as well as reviewing key school documents (e.g. policy manuals, organizational structures, job descriptions, etc.).

Activity #7—Subsequent Onsite Training & Consultative Visits: Cohort membership includes two onsite visits during the academic year in order to facilitate direct and ongoing training of the leadership, as well as the faculty and staff.

Activity #8—Annual Report & Recommendations:  An Annual Report detailing progress on leadership development goals, as well as recommendations for continual school improvement is provided at the end of the cohort year.

The Fine Print

Cohort Relationship Responsibilities & Terms:

Toby A. Travis, Ed.D. (the Consultant) provides the following training and consulting services to the cohort member school under the following terms:

  1. Available for two (2) on-site visits to the school for the purposes of assessing school improvement needs, strategic planning, coaching, training, and ongoing professional development.
  2. Available for no more than 6 hours per month consultation/coaching services for 12 months via phone/email/video conference (including school document review).
  3. Weekly e-mail support (excluding weeks in which holidays occur), not to exceed the 6 hours per month identified above.
  4. The Consultant’s primary roles are to provide facilitation, training, coaching, and recommendations to the cohort member school.
  5. The Consultant will not assume a decision-making role for the cohort member school.
  6. The Consultant is not an expert in matters related to law, engineering, architecture, building code, or environmental matters and shall not offer professional opinions in these areas or any other areas outside of his expertise.

The above services will be provided by the Consultant in accordance with the following terms:

The TrustED™ Cohort member school agrees to:

  1. Provide an initial retainer fee to secure membership in the cohort.
  2. Continue to provide a monthly retainer fee over a 12 month period.
  3. Provide all transportation costs related to onsite visits to the school throughout the membership period.

To request a Fee Schedule, contact me HERE.