About Dr. Toby A. Travis

Dr. Toby A. Travis


Hello and welcome. Thank you for visiting my blog, which focuses on the essential element for school leaders… TRUST.

Decades of research demonstrates that the single greatest indicator of successful schools is TRUST; no matter if success is defined by student achievement levels, workplace satisfaction of faculty and staff, or financial stability.

When leaders focus on developing high levels of trust, they witness amazing results in their schools!

With the endeavor to pursue continually higher levels of trust in every area of the school, I have the honor of leading Desert Christian Schools (DCS) in Tucson, Arizona, as Headmaster (i.e. Superintendent). At DCS we are committed to creating an authentic student-centered learning environment; seeking to meet the needs of all learners through the implementation of innovative and research-based best practices, all within a distinctively Christian worldview.

I also serve Ripe For Harvest World Outreach (RFH), a global non-profit missions organization, through whom I contribute my time as a trainer for other school leaders around the world. (Financial donations to RFH help to underwrite that ministry).

If I can be of service to your school, university, ministry or organization, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I look forward to assisting you in any way that I am able.

All my best,

Toby A. Travis, Ed.D.
Headmaster, Desert Christian Schools